Transmission Maintenance You Can Trust


For many of us who aren't mechanically inclined, the act of transmission maintenance and repair is too much to handle. At Trans-O-Mex, we know how important your transmission is to the life of your car and the safety of your family, so we offer auto transmission repair you can depend on in Cicero, Berwyn and Chicago.

Why Transmission Repair?

While a transmission repair is among one of the most expensive car repairs there is, it is necessary. The reason is your transmission ultimately determines how fast your car goes. When the transmission seizes up, it will just stop wherever you might be. Your transmission also gives your car the ability to change gears, which can't be done if this component is in need of transmission repair or even if it's low on transmission fluid.

Services We Offer

At Trans-O-Mex, we know auto transmission repair is something that needs to be handled by the professionals. That is why we perform services, such as torque conversion and transmission draining. We also refill your automatic transmission fluids, also known as ATF, and can replace your fluid as well if the need arises. Problems that lead to transmission repair are usually caused by neglecting to maintain your transmission in the proper way, which leads to the gears shifting roughly, fast wear and tear on the car and eventually a complete breakdown. Contact us today for effective and reputable transmission repair and maintenance in Chicago, Berwyn and Cicero!

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