Exhaust Systems: More than Mufflers

When it comes to your exhaust system, you need to realize it is more than just a muffler. At Trans-O-Mex, we know this and work hard to ensure your exhaust is working the way it should be. Your exhaust system is connected to your muffler by a series of pipes that travel underneath your car. They are also connected to your catalytic converter. The system works to stop noise from getting into the car and ensures exhaust fumes are funneled away from the car and don't reach the passengers inside, which could be deadly. In a way, it works like the chimney on your fireplace at home by getting rid of the harmful exhaust fumes that could harm you.

What the Exhaust System Does

There are a couple of other things your exhaust pipes and exhaust manifold do to help protect you and your car. It changes pollutants into less dangerous byproducts, works to stifle the noises coming from the engine and helps direct those exhaust gases so they can be burnt away before they reach you.

Components of Your Exhaust System

Your exhaust pipes work to help the gases travel out the back of the car, instead of into inside of the car. The exhaust manifold is like a funnel that works to collect gases and guide them into one spot. Many cars have two of these. Other components of the system include the catalytic converter, the muffler, the tailpipe and the resonator. Contact us for more information on how we can help with your exhaust system.

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