Beat the Heat with Our Air Conditioning Service!

Spring and summer are right around the corner and the last thing you want is a car air conditioner that is on the fritz. At Trans-O-Mex, we realize a summer without air conditioning is going to be a long, hot summer. It is estimated most air conditioners lose about five percent of their efficiency every year if they are not regularly serviced. This simply means your AC might be operating on the same level as another old air conditioner in a car. There is a remedy for that. Contact us so we can service your car AC and send you back out on the road happy and cool. Since air conditioners are more complicated these days, it's best to let us service it for you.



Basic Components of Your AC System

Known as the core of your car's AC system, the compressor acts as a pump that transfers compressed air into your AC system. If this compressor isn't working, neither is your AC. Your condenser is what cools the refrigerant that comes through your air vents. This is usually found in the front of your car. Your receiver, a metal container, works as a storage place for the refrigerant. The orifice tube works to control the flow of the refrigerant throughout the system, which leads to the air ducts that will cool your car. Lastly, the evaporator works to remove any of the built-up heat inside your car and finally makes it so you can be comfortable and cool. For more information on beating the heat with our air conditioning service, contact us.

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